• Redundancies

    If you are an employer who faces the unfortunate task of making redundancies during these challenging times, The Employability Course can offer crucial support to help those being made redundant find new employment.
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  • 18-24 Year-Olds

    The unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds is higher than in any other sector. For those who have recently graduated or those who have limited work experience, The Employability Course focuses on identifying and articulating key skills and finding suitable employment opportunities.

    If you are a Kickstart employer or gateway organisation, The Employability Course is the perfect course to provide the required employability training to each apprentice.
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  • Employees of organisations working with unemployed individuals.

    Many employees who work with unemployed individuals do not receive specific training relating to employability. The Employability Course can help those employees provide better quality career advice and support regarding how their clients can find suitable employment.
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  • Executives

    Employability courses often focus on younger people or the long-term unemployed. However, there are many senior professionals and executives who are out of work and struggling to find job opportunities. It is often the most competitive and challenging sector, as there are few job vacancies and most job applicants have significant experience and skills. This configuration of The Employability Course will teach Executives how to stand apart from the competition and secure more employment opportunities.
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  • Experienced Workers

    Due to mass redundancies and a fast-changing job market, many experienced workers who have been in employment for many years are now finding themselves unemployed. Many will not have had to navigate the job application in some time, if ever. This configuration of The Employability Course will ensure that they have all the information, knowledge, and tools to get back into desirable employment quickly.
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  • Immigrants / Migrants

    There are large numbers of immigrants or migrants who have the necessary working rights, as well as various qualifications, work experience, and a multitude of sought-after skills. However, often they find it challenging to find suitable employment, or are forced to take jobs below their capabilities. This configuration of The Employability Course focuses on how they can better articulate their capabilities in order to secure suitable jobs. New tools are explored that will help to provide proof of their relevant experience, which will help secure further opportunities.
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  • Long-Term Unemployed / NEET

    For those who have been unemployed for some time or are not in employment, education, or training, the longer they go without work, the more challenging it is to find suitable opportunities. This configuration of The Employability Course focuses on finding renewed confidence and reducing anxiety by exploring new ways of approaching the job application process. The outcome is motivated and resilient job seekers.
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  • Those seeking a career change

    Many people work in jobs and industries that they are not passionate about or have fallen out of love with. Often they took the job to pay the bills or to satisfy external expectations. This configuration of The Employability Course explores how they can better understand their capabilities and apply them to a search for a new career that will add value to their lives. This also serves to increase economic recovery, growth, and prosperity, as helping people find more suitable jobs leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction. It can also benefit mental health and general wellbeing.
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The Employability Course can be delivered in one, two, or three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Core Course Delivery

    The main content of The Employability Course is delivered either as a self-paced online course or, for groups of learners, it can be delivered as an online webinar or in a classroom environment.

    The six modules of The Employability Course are as follows:

    • The Recruitment Process & Its Limitations – Educates people on barriers and challenges that can exist and the importance of creating a job application strategy.

    • Identifying Suitable Jobs – Educates how to identify and articulate key transferable skills and how to apply them to a job search to identify more suitable jobs.

    • Proactively Researching Jobs – Educates how to thoroughly research and evaluate each company and job vacancy to identify the key stakeholders and ensure that all communication (job application included) is relevant to that specific job and fits in with the company culture and vision.

    • Tailoring Your Job Application – Educates how to tailor a quality job application that is specific to each job.

    • Above & Beyond – Educates several other methods of contacting, and getting noticed by, relevant companies and teaches how to effectively utilise Recruitment Consultants.

    • Job Interview Preparation – Educates how to thoroughly prepare for a job interview, giving job seekers the confidence to perform to the best of their ability and maximise their chances of securing a job offer.

    For more information on the course content, watch The Employability Course introduction by clicking the button below:
  • Stage 2 – One-on-one Coaching Session Programme

    Following completion of the core course, there is the option of one-to-one coaching sessions. These can be via the telephone, video call, or face-to-face. The number of coaching sessions and the focus of the sessions will depend on the individual. However, for optimum results, the following structure is recommended:

    • Session 1 – discussion of previous work experience, education, skills, and achievements.

    • If a second coaching session is booked, a CV and social media review is conducted prior to the session by the instructor.

    • Session 2 – further discussion to develop a focused Job Application Strategy with SMART objectives that lay out a clear path to success.

    • Session 3 – review of outcomes based on the objectives set in the Job Application Strategy. Further support and guidance offered as is required.
  • Stage 3 – Post-Employment Programme

    Once course participants have found suitable employment, a formal In-work review procedure is implemented that both the employee and employer are committed to. Four reviews take place to ensure the engagement and satisfaction of both parties:

    • First Day Review – Both employee and employer would be contacted to ensure that the employee turned up for work and that a suitable induction process was followed, which resulted in the employee being clear as to the expectations of the role during any probation period. This review could also check that the employee has been made aware of H&S protocol etc.

    • 1-Month Review – Both employee and employer are contacted to ensure that the expectations of both parties are being met. Any issues can be discussed in confidence and can be resolved with clear objectives set for a successful solution.

    • 2-Month Review – Both employee and employer are contacted to ensure that the expectations of both parties are being met. Any issues can be discussed in confidence and can be resolved with clear objectives set for a successful solution.

    • 3-Month Review – Both employee and employer are contacted to ensure that the expectations of both parties are being met. Any issues can be discussed in confidence and can be resolved with clear objectives set for a successful solution. If applicable, a successful probation period can be confirmed.

    For more information on focused course delivery, or to request a pricing matrix, feel free to contact us.
Consultation services are also available for employers who wish to improve their recruitment processes to attract better talent. Focuses include:

  • How to best utilise Recruitment Agencies

  • How to write effective job adverts

  • How to write effective job descriptions

  • How to structure the interview process

  • How to organise and analyse applications

  • How to keep applicants engaged

  • How to prevent unsuitable applications

To discuss employer consultation services further, please click the button below to arrange a free consultation.

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