The Employability Course is exactly that… an employability course… a course that will increase your employability.

It is a course designed to educate and empower you by offering professional, quality career advice that will enable you to secure more job interviews and more job offers.

The course is based on the professional experience and insights of a recruitment professional who has worked with thousands of job seekers and hundreds of employers. The course teaches you how to successfully find job opportunities by creating and implementing an effective Job Application strategy.

SPOILER ALERT! – writing a CV and sending it to dozens of companies does not count as a Job Application Strategy and is probably working against you. The Employability Course will transform how you apply for jobs and give you more control over securing your next role.

The Employability Course is built on a culture of empathy, respect, and equality. The course aims to support you through the entire employment process, increasing confidence and hope, whilst reducing anxiety and stress. It is designed to be of value to anybody seeking work, regardless of your qualifications, level of experience, employment status, background, or culture.
  • Unique Content - based on the experience and insights of a recruitment professional, the course offers practical career advice that teaches you how to stand out from the crowd and get results.

  • Scope – the course covers the entire process of finding employment, not just how to write a CV. The primary focus is on what you can do before you write your CV, and what you can do in addition to writing a CV.
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  • Length – it's a course that cuts to the chase. It teaches you what you can do TODAY to start getting better results.

  • Flexibility - the course can be delivered as a self-paced online course (90 mins), a live or recorded webinar (3 hours), or in a classroom setting (half-day). A number of one-on-one coaching sessions are then available depending on your requirements.
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  • Interaction – discussion is often key to successfully implementing what the course teaches. The follow-up coaching sessions ensure individual circumstances and needs are taken into account and result in personalised Job Application Strategies.

  • Affordability – various course packages are available at various prices, making the course accessible and affordable to anyone, regardless of your circumstances.
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The Employability Course offers valuable advice to anyone seeking a new job. Whether you are a graduate or a senior professional, long-term unemployed or recently redundant, the course will help you achieve your objectives.

Various packages are available so choose the level of support that best suits you.
If you work for an organisation that requires a course for a particular learner or group of learners, check out the Corporate Services page for information on course delivery options and how The Employability Course can be configured towards specific customer groups.

The Employability Course - Key Learns?

  • Recruitment Process

    Inside knowledge of the limitations of the recruitment process and why you're not being invited for an interview.

  • Job Search

    Identify your key skills and learn how to apply them to your job search.

  • Research & Evaluate

    How to properly research and evaluate each job vacancy so that every application gets noticed.

  • Job Application

    Create a quality job application that will maximise your chances of securing an interview.

  • Bonus strategies

    Learn new strategies that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, discover more opportunities, and gain positive results.

  • Job Interview

    Attend each job interview full of confidence knowing that you have prepared as well as you can.

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